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RE-Sure is the complete real estate business management platform. We empower real estate professionals with smart technology. 

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Brokers can use RE-Sure as their “go-to” and all in one platform. Create contracts at lightning speed, store customer data, save templates and customize contracts quickly and on the go. 

Powerful User Interface

Our web app gives you all the power you need to manage you transactions, contacts, and calendar. It is also packed full with additional features to make managing your real estate business easier than ever. Our mobile apps make managing transactions and keeping up with contacts a breeze. iOS and Android apps coming soon.

  • Power in your office

    Use the web app to make managing your business a breeze. With tools like RE-Sure Sign, RE-Sure Drive, and the Offer Management Dashboard managing your business has never been easier.

  • Power on the go

    When you're on the go, you're not without a powerful companion app with RE-Sure. Use the lightning offer standing inside or near a property to instantly create an offer and send in minutes. You can manage your entire transaction and contacts from the powerful mobile app.

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Using RE-Sure, I've been able to manage my contacts better than ever. I can leave my laptop at home on business trips and use the mobile app to manage my transactions and contacts without being afraid of missing any communication.

John park

John Park

John Park, Managing Broker, Liberty Associates LLC

Our Clients & Partners

RE-Sure is the only contract platform recommended by the SOUTH METRO DENVER REALTOR® ASSOCIATION.

Success Stories from Our Users

Our customers are the our best references. Hear what they have to say:

"I love the lightning offer. The lightning offer helps my clients get their best offer in faster and simplifies the process by looking up all the information for me."

"Managing my contacts has never been easier. I've tried lots of other CRM platforms. They have always been too complicated or not met my needs. The RE-Sure CRM is great."

"My transaction coordinator loves RE-Sure. No more hunting for documents or trying to find the email with a link. All my documents are stored in one place for easy access."


  • Automated Compliance

    Automated Guidance and Tracking of Transactions to Ensure Regulatory and Legal Compliance.

  • Exclusive

    Offer Management Dashboard

    Provide a dynamic and automated comparison table (spreadsheet)of all offers submitted for a property so you can share with yourclient and choose the best offer based upon several categories such as:

  • Consolidated Calendar

    See all tasks and reminders for your day to accomplish your business objectives.

  • Powerful CRM

    Import Customer contact information from your phone and other CRM software. Add pictures about your client to remind you about them (favorite wine, picture of dog, house purchased, etc.). Automatically import customer information into your real estate transaction documents.

  • Industry Best Security

    Cover all aspects of transaction security for access,authorization, real-time data, and minimal data storage.

  • Templates for Contracts

    Pre-fill and save document input to copy for additional offers/transactions.

  • Exclusive

    Lightning Offer

    Rapid and automatic contract creation based on your mobile device location. Create contracts in seconds. 

  • Easy Contract Navigation

    Navigate long and complex documents with ease.

  • Exclusive

    RE-Sure Drive

    Store past transactions from other platforms and be able to search and find old customers and transactions with ease.

  • Transaction Dashboard

    The Transaction Dashboard provids a timeline view of the real estate transaction.

  • Transaction Coordinator

    Provide access to your account to a transaction coordinator who you can limit to specific transactions or provide full access so they can assist you in managing your transactions.

  • Exclusive

    RE-Sure Sign

    Turn any PDF into a fillable and signable document. Get a verification link to get confirmation the document hasn't changed since originally signed. 

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RE-Sure Pricing Options

Affordable packages that make it easy to switch to the most powerful platform available.

  • Monthly Plan

    Our low monthly price with no commitment makes it easy to switch and discover what your current platform is missing.
  • Annual Plan

    You can save money when you commit to an annual plan. Save 17% off the monthly price when you make an annual commitment.

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